Bay side Port Phillip could be your next weekend destination

How about a quick weekend getaway? Often it becomes difficult to set aside time to travel extensively or to plan such a trip from before. However, with several scenic places being located close to Melbourne, you could simply drive away for a few hours and enjoy a completely different landscape which could be an ideal weekend destination for you. One of such places could be the quaint town of Port Philip in Corio bay area.

Bay area attractions

You have probably visited Port Phillip or crossed it when you have attended an engagement venue Geelong. This is close to Geelong and offers you access to Corio Bay and other places like Queenscliff. When you are staying at Port Philip you can visit these areas as well as and check out the different attractions in Geelong. The coastal region of Portarlington is also close to access or experience when you are here. Several regional tour services can help you cover the bay areas and take in the views from the waterside venues or the historical landmarks present. There are several waterfront restaurants that can be your destinations for meals.

Sights to indulge in

When you are at Port Phillip you can relax and unwind as you tour the region and take in the green landscape or the scenic waterside places. The waterfront precinct can also be an engagement venue in Geelong as it is for several couples. Many people love to drive by and stop for breakfast or brunches at several eateries located here. Artwork that details the area’s history can be found in several places. There are notable landmark areas to check out such as Botanic Gardens, Eastern Beach, Cunningham Pier and others. For those who love entertainment and fun rides, there is a carousel park that awaits them.

There are several recreational activities to engage in while you are here. It is a wonderful way to plan a fun filled weekend getaway with your children as well. Not only will they love the beaches here, but there are aquariums to check out or parks and gardens roam around free. It is the perfect venue to relax and unwind and get the most of natural air and sunshine. If you are planning a special live event here, that is also possible. Check out different eateries or hotels in this area. There are several places that have reasonable rates for special party packages. As it is away from the bustling city of Melbourne, prices are lower, but several unique places can be found here for choice of booking.

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