Best Places to Go on a First Date

First dates always tend to be both exciting and nervous. Most people mess it up because they over plan the occasion or do not plan it at all. One of the things that can affect your date is the place you decide to go to. This will give an impression about yourself to your date, but will also enable you to enjoy the day. If you are not sure about where to go, take the following into consideration.

The Cinema

If both of you are movie geeks, then there is no better place for you to go. Choose a movie genre that you would both enjoy. Make sure to book the tickets before since you do not want to keep your date waiting. This is the ideal location to go if you are a nervous speaker. Watching a movie together will give you something to discuss about and become a good conversation starter.  Share your thoughts and opinions and get an idea about your date’s opinions as well.


This is an option that people opt for. It is not only because it is simple, but also because it is a safe and neutral territory. Of course, fancy restaurants must be your top priority. But, make sure that you take the date to a place where he/she can enjoy his/her favorite cuisine. This will not only make your date happy and enjoy the evening, but will also give them an impression that you care about their preferences.

A Game

If dining in fancy restaurants are not your thing and if you want the date to be more active and lively, go for a game. It does not matter whether it is basketball or baseball game as long as it is ‘happening’. Sometimes, the person will not be interested in sports, even though you might be. In this case, go for some other game such as pool, bowling or snooker. Challenging your date on the first day itself can spark some excitement between the two of you.

Night In

If you are not a great outdoor person, then invite your date to your place. Make sure to clean and arrange it since your house will create a big impression about yourself to your date. You can either have dinner or even rent a movie and order some pizza. Make sure that your date enjoys the evening regardless of what you plan to do.

Remember that regardless of where you take your date, the success of it depends mainly on you and how you treat your date. So, make sure to give him/her a good and unforgettable time.

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