Importance of Parent Involvement in School Events

In generations gone by, we say that parents and children had a somewhat cold relationship. As in there was always a distance that the parents maintained with their children. Especially the fathers. The greater part of looking after the children was the job of the housekeeper or the caretaker.

Children also used to have a sense of fear and respect when it came down to how they behave in front of their parents or how they spoke to them. But then there came a gradual change in this relationship where parents realized the importance of bonding with their children in order to gain their trust and confidence. And the parent child relationship almost became one of friendship.

How this bonding grew

Starting by spending more time with their children at home parents became more and more involved with what their children were doing. And slowly they become more involved with their activities in school as well. Such as the children’s band community day, sports events, and music competitions and so on. This involvement was a good way for the parents to bond time with their kids as well, because it included spending more time with them during practices and rehearsals. And in this way, the parents were always kept well informed about their children’s strengths and weaknesses. What those areas were that the parents had to pay closer attention to and try and push their children to work harder.

Other benefits that came out of it

When the parents got involved in their school activities it also acted as a form of encouragement for the children to perform better and show their parents how good they were in the various activities. To make their parents feel proud of their kids as well as themselves. It improved their performances at school whether it was the extracurricular activities or their academics. It also kept them in their best behavior, reducing the number of behavioral problems that the teachers had to deal with. Because when parents are involved and have a close eye on their children’s classroom activates it also helps the teacher have a better hold on the kids.

So don’t be neglectful of what your child is up to in school and don’t think you responsibilities end with packing them their lunch for school and taking them for private tutoring. It involves a lot more than that. Because children depend on their parents for guidance and advice in times of need and when the parents are totally unaware of what is happening with their children’s lives how can they give them the guidance they require. So always make sure you have close tabs on what you child is up to.

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