Tips for Visiting Geelong

Geelong is the second largest city in Victoria, but it’s much quieter and more tranquil than nearby Melbourne. The city is a bustling port and a major tourist attraction. Geelong is one of the best places in Australia to marvel at Victorian architecture, as some of the buildings erected by European settlers in 1800s are still largely intact. There are plenty of more modern attractions to enjoy in the city as well. Here are some tips:

Take the Train or Go by Car from Melbourne

Unlike towards Melbourne, the road away from the city to Geelong sees far less traffic. You can enjoy an easy ride to Geelong without a hassle. You can also take the V-Train to Geelong from Melbourne. The tickets are reasonably priced and the seating is quite comfortable.

Stay at the Waterfront

Geelong’s waterfront is its best known feature. You will be spending most of your time touring the attractions at the waterfront. Some of the town’s best restaurants and eateries are located here too. So it makes most sense to find Geelong accommodation by the waterfront to save time and money. There are plenty of options where you will be able to find affordable rooms with excellent views of the piers.

Go to the National Wool Museum

It really exists. One of the most intriguing historical attractions of city, the wool museum will tell you all about days of Australia’s “sheep’s back” economy. Back in the day, Australians made their living auctioning off wool and shipping it across the world. This is a little known spot for tourists, but a must visit attraction nonetheless.

Explore the Beaches

Don’t forget to drive around the area to visit amazing beaches like Barwon Heads and Bellarine Surf. You can sunbathe, surf, try a watersport and enjoy seafood when in the area. If you just want to enjoy the ocean breeze, go to the lovely promenade at the Geelong waterfront.

Plan a Weekend Trip

You can easily plan a weekend trip to Geelong from Melbourne. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the town, but still want to enjoy the attractions, a weekend trip will be the best option. You may be able to combine Geelong with trips to Mornington Peninsula if desired.

Don’t Forget the Botanical Gardens

When in Geelong, do visit the soothing botanical gardens. Entrance is free and you will be able to take a breather away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can take relaxing strolls, shed some carbs jogging, or enjoy a picnic with your family.

Shop at the Vintage Market

On Melbourne Road in Geelong, there’s a charming vintage market. Serious collectors will find excellent bargains here. You can also casually browse for cheap items like wood carving souvenirs.

Tour the Nearby Area as Well

When in Geelong, you can still with other nearby areas, like the partially rural Lara, located about 15 km east of the town. The area surrounding Geelong is perfect to explore the Australian countryside.

If you don’t want to just visit Geelong, you should definitely include it as a stop in your long tour itinerary.

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